'Fear of the Invisible'


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Home Scientists endorse book's HIV fraud findings - call on Science journal to withdraw key HIV paper
NEW DEVELOPMENT - Many Scientists Endorse Book's Findings of Fraud PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 11 December 2008 06:35


the letter to the eminent Science journal
asserting major fraud in key HIV papers - signed by eminent scientists!

37 senior professors, scientists and top experts have reviewed the newly discovered documentary evidence in 'Fear of the Invisible' and conclude that there is serious scientific fraud in the scientific papers held for over 24 years to prove HIV the cause of AIDS. They formally request the Science journal to withdraw these papers - Is this the scientific fraud of the century?

FOR THE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD - SEE LINK in column to the left

The newly found evidence shows that the scientists who did the experimental work recorded in these papers, had originally concluded in them that the cause of AIDS could not be found, the very reverse of what they are now said to prove.  It turns out that after Lab. boss Robert Gallo returned from overseas where he had boasted that they had found the cause of AIDS, he deleted these conclusions and key research findings from the lead paper, rewriting it so dramatically that three weeks later it was acclaimed for proving a virus causes AIDS.  It is now one of the most cited scientific papers in the world, the basis of a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet, government experts ten years later concluded that the experiments recorded in this paper have  never since been able to be repeated and thus verified.

Our Press Release.

Semmelweis Organization supports Scientists' letter

Rethinking AIDS, representing over 2,000 scientists and others questioning the HIV theory, supports the Scientists' letter

Semmelweis Board of Directors Resolution condemning fraudulent research - endorsing approach to the Nobel Foundation

Letter to the Nobel Foundation



- UPDATE -  LETTER TO SCIENCE gets more signatures


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