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Written by Janine Roberts   
Monday, 18 August 2008 20:53

Reviews of earlier works by Janine Roberts



Massacres to Mining: the colonization of Aboriginal Australia


‘She handles her history with a restraint that makes it deserving to be a classic in our history.  Every revelation, whether openly bloody-handed or covertly mean-souled, is authenticated from official records. The effect on myself was profound. It should be required reading for everyone not of the Aboriginal race.'

-  Xavier Herbert, a great Australian literary figure, in The National Times


‘Jan Roberts does not look like the sort of woman you would find sitting in the bush having a feed of lizard or file snake.  The only indication that the British born sociologist roughs it was a mass of mosquito bites on her legs - for the rest, she was pretty much haute couture. Her book Massacres to Mining has already inspired the Grenada production Strangers in their own land. Now it is to be the basis for a joint BBC-ABC television production for the prestigious BBC program, Everyman ... Her book is essential reading for anyone who wants a balanced view of Australian history.'

- The Alice Springs Star  - Republished in 2008.


Jack of Cape Grim


 ‘Jan Roberts has found an unused "treasure trove" of material. A well researched tapestry of the early colonial years' about a ‘natural leader' of the Aborigines. - The Age

The inspiring story of a final stand by a band of Tasmanian Aborigines, three men and two women, against British settlers and the three military expedition launched against them.

- Republished in 2008.


Munda Nyuringu: He's taken the land.


 ‘What happened to the Aborigines at Menzies [as told in this film] was a microcosm of what happened all over Australia.' - The Age

A powerful film telling of the last major Australian gold rush from the viewpoint of the Aborigines invaded. Janine Roberts co-produced this in the West Australian goldfields with Aboriginal Elder Robert Bropho, jointly winning an Australian Film Institute Nomination for Best Documentary. The Sydney Morning Herald gave it a full-page spread, calling it the television film of the week. In 2008 the Australian government said ‘Sorry' for some of the atrocities documents in this film.


The Diamond Empire


A two-part investigative television movie, shot in six continents,  that uncovered the worldwide greed and corruption behind the romantic diamond industry. The author created and produced this for WGBH Boston, the BBC and ABC (Australia). It has been credited with starting the campaign against blood diamonds.  After a highly controversial release that the De Beers cartel tried to prevent, she was invited to show the film and to testify on diamonds and human rights at a US Congressional Hearing. The Professor of Communications at the University of Massachusetts, Sut Jhally, said of this: ‘In all my years of teaching, this is the single most important video I have ever shown to my students... This movie changes the way we see the world."


Glitter and Greed`: The secret world of the Diamond Cartel


‘Formidably well researched and widely sourced account of the global diamond trade by the investigative journalist Janine Roberts. It strikes this lay reader as one of most dogged and damning exposes of a near-monopolistic industry to appear in years. The great wonder is that it appeared at all. Her gripping book for once deserves the epithet "brilliant."'

  - The Independent.


‘Like the miners shuffling down deep shafts to search for the earth's bounty, Roberts plumbs the depths to come up with the damning truth.'

- The Minnesota Daily


‘Roberts delivers her information without any apprehension. It is a life's work, a piece to admire.'

- New City Chicago


‘Janine Roberts' book is a must read for every African.'

- New African.  


‘Brides-to-be hoping for a diamond ring are advised to keep Glitter and Greed out of their fiancés' hands.'

The Boston Globe


‘If you are in the market for a tale of murder, intrigue, gem smuggling and international smuggling, diamonds has it all. I can recommend Glitter and Greed.

- The Observer


‘Janine Roberts is the rare individual who unflinchingly speaks truth to power. She battles her way past all the obstacles and provides us with a glimpse of those who are in the innermost circles of global power. But instead of being seduced by their power and wealth, she exposes what they do and how they do it and how it comes to hurt us all. ... I count myself among the privileged in this world to know Janine and her works.

-       Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney



The Seven Days of My Creation


‘Robust scholarship runs throughout this passionate and honest autobiography. She has delved deep into spiritual philosophy, science and history to put her unique experience of life into context. Hers is a strong voice that both challenges and touches the heart.'

-       Kay Bridger.

‘Janine's story is one of personal courage, conviction, sacrifice and triumph.'  ‘Fascinating and inspirational. Definitely a must read.'

-       Suzanna Read


For information about the availability of these works - contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it