Born in 1956, I was born in the sign of Cancer. Raised on a farm just north of Colby, Kansas, in a moderately religious American Baptist family of eight. I have been a Jesus Freak, an illicit drug user (cocaine, crystal and pot), a heavy tobacco user and diagnosed with AIDS. All past tense now. My history also includes a record of human rights activism and even a run for city council. I have been in a long-term relationship with the same man since 1979.

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Feb 062014
Welcome to the reAIDS Network, another way to look at AIDS. Bear with us as we continue to build a new space for people Affected with a positive HIV test result who are also dealing with illness and immune dysfunction. Anticipated features include a private forum space, blogs and social interaction via BuddyPress. If you are looking for Jonathan Barnett's blog, resistance is fruitful, it is now a part of the reAIDS network. Additional bloggers are being sought.
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